500 USDC / Founder's Card NFT
your wallet to mint
The first ever business-as-NFT ecosystem on the blockchain.Husl is creating ongoing passive income for thousands of people by building 5,000 automated, online businesses, wrapped as NFTs.
How To Mint
  1. Fund your wallet with USDC
  2. Connect to this site using your wallet (we recommend MetaMask)
  3. Enable Husl to accept your USDC
  4. Enter the amount of NFTs you wish to mint
  5. Click Mint!
IMPORTANT: If you have both GWL and WL roles, you can mint up to 5 Husl Founder Cards, but you will need to mint them in separate transactions. Mint the first 2 for GWL and then you can mint an additional 3 for WL'd wallets.
For help, reach out in theHusl Discord
Why mint a Husl Founder Card?
Minting Sep 29th for WL, 30th for Public
  1. It's free when you also mint one of the 5,000 automated cash-flow businesses.
  2. Receive monthly royalties off 5,000 automated cash-flow businesses.
  3. Eligible to take part in $1,000,000 in ad grants to grow your cash-flow business.
  4. Minting 5 gets you one free automated cash-flow business airdropped.
  5. First beta access, early mint for all mints, in person events, and free merch.
  6. You could win $10,000 post mint.
* Owning a Husl Founder Card does not guarantee any returns or financial gain. Membership rewards are not dependent on any financial input, but can only be unlocked
** Minting one of the 5,000 businesses means you're buying the passkey to a business that has not been built, and understand you're purchasing a service to build you a marketing funnel and marketing tools by purchasing (minting) the business key. We do not promise any returns or financial gain from purchasing the business, nor guarantee any level of revenue generated from the business.